How to set yourself the right goals

How to set the right goals that are realistic and keep you motivated to carry on.

Goal setting is a really important topic in almost every aspect of our lifes wether you want to reach a specific goal in sport, your career or if you want to change your physique.

So for the perfect goal you want to look at a few points:

  • only set yourself a goal that is actually possible to reach (otherwise you will be demotivated and stop working towards it really quickly)
  • small steps help! Set yourself multiple small goals that you can achieve in a shorter amount of time. so instead of saying “i want to loose 10kg till next summer “, say “i want to loose 2kg over the next following month and then 2 again or maybe 3” – That is called short-term and long-term goal setting
  • make clear why this goal is so important to you and why you need to achieve it
  • write that down and look at it if you loose your focus or feel unmotivated to carry on. If you initially found the right reason this will always keep you going
  • work for yourself and not for anyone else, don`t say “i want to loose weight because my partner doesn´t find me attractive anymore ” but have a think about the reasons why you might want to loose weight (maybe because you don´t like your body yourself or because you want to feel more athletic, or because you are looking forward to look great in that bikini you just bought for your next holiday) * these are just examples but whatever your goal is you should always want to achieve them for you and only you!

It is also very important to change your goal if you find that it does´t work for you anymore and to accept if a goal is unachievable at the moment. For me this meant moving away from the goal of competing in pentathlon competitions because i realised that it was an unrealistic goal for me at the time. I had no coach that trained me every day but multiple people in different disciplines who all told me different things to focus on, mainly because they all had different goals for me in mind. That put me in a very difficult situation because everything i did was wrong for some reason because i hadn´t focused on one single goal but too many to achieve at the same time. That made me very unhappy because i felt like i didn´t accomplish anything with my training and had waisted my time doing hours and hours of training without satisfying result.

My solution in this situation was to completely change my goal to something that I really wanted to do for myself and that didn´t put me under constant stress. So instead on working towards pentathlon competitions I am now focussing on Triathle (Swimming, Running and shooting) which gives me more time to prepare as the competitions are only in the summer and enables me to focus on building some strength and muscle in the gym over the winter. That is something i usually never had the time or energy for but that i always enjoyed doing on holidays.

Through rethinking my goals for the next year until i finish with school (hopefully) i now set myself the short-term-goal of GROWTH. Meaning that I want to build muscle and move away from the endurance athlete physique that I am at right now. Being light weight is really helpful if you do a lot of running but also makes you appear smaller and that is just something that annoys me at the moment. I want to be and look strong and not just slim and athletic.

My general advice is to find something that motivates you because it is something that you rally want to achieve for yourself. Set yourself short-term goals for the next week or month and then long-term goals for the next three months or half year. Write them down and reflect upon the goals you have set yourself. Were they realistic or not? And be truthful to yourself, if you don´t work for it you won´t achieve your goal but be also kind to yourself for things that you can´t do anything against, like if you get ill or something. You won´t loose progress because of one week that you weren´t fully in it!

Please leave a comment down below if you found this post helpful and let me know if you want more detailed information on how to loose weight or my plans for lean bulking.

xx Mira

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